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Our green & tailor-made services: TechnicalCommercial Management of solar power plants.
See how simple solutions can benefit your business, local communitiesthe next generations.
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  • Ambit: Baden-Wurtemberg - Baja Saj... (Germany)
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SEN Solare Energiesysteme Nord
Based on many years experience FOR developed its own mounting system: SOL-50th Covered by the by TÜV Rheinland testedcertified assembly systems.
  • Activity: Manufacturer
  • Ambit: Baden-Wurtemberg - Baja Saj... (Germany)
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COlogne Energy
We offer commercial LED technology, induction lampsbulbs, which are part of enhanced exchanges of mercury-vapour lamps (HPMV lamps). Due to the ban on production of mercury-vapour lamps, induction lights are a very energy-efficient alternative.
  • Activity: Energy Efficiency
  • Ambit: Renania del Norte-Westfal... (Germany)
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Parabel Solar
Solar energy is pure fascination. To make your infinite power available, opened an economicenvironmental perspective for our planet.
  • Activity: Engineering
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