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  • Activity: Engineering
  • Ambit: Nationwide (Spain)
  • Month: 165 visits
Kalkener Energy Saving Solutions S.L.
Our cloud computing software allows the calculation of savings through energy efficiencyrenewable energy power plants
- Optimization of contract power, capacitor bank sizing, etc.
- Solar power plants sizingissuing of feasibility studies
  • Activity: Software
  • Ambit: Nationwide (Spain)
  • Month: 163 visits
  • Activity: Installer
  • Ambit: Aguascalientes - Hidalgo - Ja... (Mexico)
  • Month: 157 visits
Solon Corporation
SOLON Corporation is a leading provider of large commercialutility-scale photovoltaic (PV) system solutions to the North American market.
  • Activity: Installer
  • Ambit: Nationwide (United States)
  • Month: 156 visits
  • Activity: Energy Efficiency
  • Ambit: Barcelona - Girona - Lleida - T... (Spain)
  • Month: 154 visits
  • Activity:
  • Ambit: Bogotá - Boyaca - Casanare - Cu... (Colombia)
  • Month: 154 visits
  • Activity: Engineering
  • Ambit: Nationwide (Spain)
  • Month: 154 visits
We are an engineering company who integrated photovoltaic solar plants. Specialized in advice, installationdevelopment in PV projects. We commercializeddistribute throughout Chile, solar panels, inverters, batteriesled lights.
  • Activity: Engineering
  • Ambit: Aisén Gral. C.Ibáñez del ... (Chile)
  • Month: 152 visits
Solar Source
Whether you are a homeowner, a business leader,a civil servant, Solar Source offers a comprehensive line of solar productscontracting services to meet your solar power needs.
  • Activity: Installer
  • Ambit: Florida - (United States)
  • Month: 151 visits
Eldu offers an energy global service adapted to the needs of every customer. Engineering, Construction, Maintenance, Energy Management, Global Maintenance, Air Conditioning, Audits, Trainingñ€©
  • Activity: Consultant
  • Ambit: Nationwide (Spain)
  • Month: 150 visits
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