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Based on many years experience FOR developed its own mounting system: SOL-50th Covered by the by TÜV Rheinland testedcertified assembly systems.

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We offer commercial LED technology, induction lampsbulbs, which are part of enhanced exchanges of mercury-vapour lamps (HPMV lamps). Due to the ban on production of mercury-vapour lamps, induction lights are a very energy-efficient alternative.

Eficiencia Energética
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Our green & tailor-made services: TechnicalCommercial Management of solar power plants.
See how simple solutions can benefit your business, local communitiesthe next generations.

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Solar energy is pure fascination. To make your infinite power available, opened an economicenvironmental perspective for our planet.

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MAGE SOLAR GMBH markets high-grade photovoltaic modules, high-performance branded invertersmounting systems. We continuously invest in perfectly matched systems which stand out due to mature technologyhigh quality.

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RERi is an international brand with 12 years background of success in the solar industry. We would now like to transmit the success of the markets in which we have already established into new markets, with the help of a franchise system.

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Baffle with PV panels integrated . Baffle transparent . Baffle green.

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